Saint Hildegard of Bingen

During the first crusade in 1098, Hildegard was born in Bermersheim, Germany. She comes from the high nobility, but it didn’t took long in distinguishing herself from other children by her visions and premonitions, even if she didn’t talked about it in fear to probably not being taken seriously or to seem crazy. Although her young age pushed her to betray herself. At 5, she accurately describes the peculiarities of a calf found in her mother’s womb. At the sight of her gifts, her parents entrusted her to a convent at Disibodenbeirg where she learned reading, how to play the lyre and writing. She confided her visions to Jutta of Sponheim, the daughter of Count Stephen II.


She will become abbess of her convent in 1138, she will spend her days between the intellectual and religious work and care for those who come to see her. She began in 1141 to write her visions and predictions after hearing a voice that commanded her to do so. She wrote her first book, Scivias. A few years later in 1147, Pope Eugene III read his book and after a monastic investigation, Hildegard was officially supported by the Church and became famous throughout the West.

For lack of space in her convent, she decided in 1150 to create a new monastery in Bingen. She continued her work by continuing to write her prophecies, hymnal music, her work as an illuminator, books of remedies, and her correspondence with the high clerical authority.



On May 28, 2012, Hildegarde of Bingen is proclaimed Doctor of the Church, she is the fourth woman to receive this title after : Catherine of Siena, Theresa of Avila and Theresa of Lisieux. Hildegard’s work with the manuscript remains to this day very impressive and admiring because of her qualities as a scribe and illuminator, in which she endeavored to visually communicate her visions and the prophecies she received.



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